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Workplace Fire Safety Checklist

If you are an employer, owner of a commercial property, or in some way in control of a non-domestic premises, it is your responsibility to ensure appropriate fire safety standards are met in the workplace.

In order to ensure the premises is safe from fire hazards, you must carry out a fire risk assessment and review this regularly, putting in place necessary fire safety measures and taking steps to reduce any hazards identified in or around the building. This fire safety checklist will aide you in reviewing your fire safety awareness, and provide a prompt when carrying out fire risk assessments of the workplace

Fire Detection and Smoke Alarms

  • Is there an appropriate fire detection and alarm system installed?
  • Are there adequate numbers of alarms per floor/section of the building?
  • Are regular tests carried out to ensure the smoke alarms are in working order?
  • Do you have a clear procedure in place for contacting fire services in the event of your alarms being triggered?
  • Are fire alarm systems frequently maintained?

Fire Safety Equipment

  • Are the appropriate fire extinguishers for your workplace installed in relevant areas throughout the building?
  • Are staff trained on how to use fire safety equipment in the event of a fire?
  • Do you have emergency lighting installed, using a generator separate to the mains power in the case of a power failure?
  • Are fire doors kept closed at all times, and free from obstruction?
  • Are evacuation plans clearly posted for all employees and visitors to see?

Fire Drills

  • Are regular fire drills scheduled to test the smoke alarms and your fire safety plan?
  • Are all staff aware of these drills, and informed on the correct evacuation route?
  • Have you nominated fire safety wardens for these drills?
  • Do you have a register to ensure all staff and visitors are identified as safely out of the building?
  • Are all escape doors clearly marked, and left clear at all times?


  • Is your electrical system regularly maintained for any signs of faults, damage or wear and tear?
  • Are there restrictions in place on the number of appliances plugged into one socket?
  • Have all combustible materials or flammable liquids been removed from the same area as electrical items?


  • Are combustible materials (paper, wood, cardboard etc), stored off-site in a locked container until they can be appropriately disposed of?
  • Have you provided an appropriately ventilated locked cabinet to store any flammable liquids?


  • If your workplace uses kitchens, for example in a restaurant or hotel, is the ventilation system equipped with extractor fans?
  • Are ventilation systems regularly cleaned and maintained?
  • Are temperature controls installed for cooking equipment?
  • Is a dry chemical fire extinguisher installed in the cooking area?
  • If in an office, are the appropriate steps taken to ensure proper and safe use of cooking facilities is followed?


  • Are sufficient evacuation routes provided to ensure everyone can exit the building safely in the event of a fire, including disabled access?
  • Have you informed all staff of the procedures to follow in the event of a fire, and where  the fire assembly point is located outside?
  • Have you provided fire safety training to nominated responsible employees, including how to evacuate the building safely, and handling of fire safety equipment?


At Target Fire Protection, our professional risk assessors can assist you in reviewing your workplace’s current fire systems, equipment and procedures to ensure you are fulfilling your legal obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

We provide comprehensive fire risk assessments throughout Manchester, Rochdale, Bury and Oldham, but can extend our services across the whole of the UK. To discuss your requirements, or any of the other fire safety equipment services we supply, simply contact our team today and we’ll be happy to assist you.


workplace fire safety checklist

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