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Fire Policies for Education Establishments

Schools, universities and all other education establishments have a grand responsibility in caring for the wellbeing of their students. This pertains not only to their mental faculties but also to their physical safety. As such, having a stringent fire policy in place is paramount to ensuring this responsibility is met.

A good fire policy comprises a number of different elements. This article is going to explore these elements and inform how a responsible fire safety policy is implemented.

School Risk Assessment

A good plan starts with a good assessment. A fire risk assessment should be carried out in all areas of the building to establish how to prevent fires and maximise safety. A good fire assessment should include the following:

  • Potential fire safety hazards, ignition sources and combustible materials
  • Fire safety signage
  • Fire safety equipment and management
  • Fire safety training and drills
  • Escape routes
  • Fire prevention and management

This plan will provide you with a wealth of vital information, including which areas are most susceptible to a fire and which measures are currently in place to prevent or protect against these fires. This information should be used to create a fire protection plan that is suitable to your establishment.

School Fire Training

It’s no good developing a comprehensive fire safety plan if other staff aren’t familiar with it. Providing training to all staff is therefore absolutely imperative to ensuring high-level safety throughout the entire establishment. Training should be provided regularly so that all staff are kept up to date. Training should include the appropriate behaviours and actions to lead students out safely in the event of a fire.

School Fire Drills

Fire drills provide both students and staff with the practice for how to act in the event of a real fire. Fire drills are important as they teach others by action, rather than just through information. Students will learn the manner in which they should evacuate, the quickest escape route and the outside evacuation point they must proceed to.

School Fire Instructions

Fire safety signage can refer to a variety of things. These include fire exit signs, fire extinguisher information and fire hazard warnings. Fire safety signage is important as it provides information to students and staff in real time, as opposed to relying solely on the previous information provided from training. Fire exit signs are especially handy to direct students and staff during fire drills. These signs should be unobstructed in clear, easy-to-see locations.

School Fire Equipment

Equipment for tackling fires should be placed in easy-to-reach areas around your establishment. This is to provide staff with the necessary means to tackle a fire before it becomes a serious danger. Fire extinguishers are the most common measure to achieve this. It should be noted that there are many different types of fire extinguisher, and so different types should be placed in different areas depending on which types of fire are most likely in which locations. Your fire assessment should help to determine this.

School Insurance

Protection for your staff and students must be priority number one, but protection for your establishment and items should be considered, too. A fire can cause serious damage to a building, leading to significant replacement costs; taking out insurance will protect you from financial loss in the event of a fire.

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