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10 Ways to Prevent House Fires

“In just two minutes, a fire can become life threatening. In five minutes, a residence can become engulfed in flames” – Ready

Accidental fires in residential homes account for around 60% of all fire fatalities in the UK. A shocking statistic, certainly, but statistics can change.

In order to help raise awareness of the danger of house fires – and methods to prevent and prepare for them – the team here at Target Fire has compiled a list of ten key ways to prevent house fires.

Right amount of fire alarms

There should, at a minimum, be at least one fire alarm on each level of your home, and one outside each sleeping area. However, to be safe, it’s important to have one in each bedroom, too.

Test fire alarms

In order to ensure that your fire alarms are in working order, they should be tested monthly. The test button feature tests all electronic functions properly and safely. If you find a fault with your fire alarm, get them serviced or replaced as soon as possible.

Family fire escape plan

It’s important to ensure that you’ve gone over a fire escape plan with your family. This should include establishing routes out of each room in your house, and a family meeting spot where you can congregate if a fire occurs.

Turn off all electronics and sockets when not in use

You don’t want to take any chances. If you constantly have plug sockets generating electricity, you are increasing the chances that it could spark which could, in turn, cause a fire.

Keep doors shut

Being mindful of keeping doors shut around the home could prove vital if a fire was to break out. This is because the doors can help compartmentalise the fire, meaning you have more time to react if a fire should occur.

Purchase a fire extinguisher

While you might think that fire extinguishers are for commercial premises, purchasing one for your home could avert a disaster when placed correctly. Be sure to teach everyone in your home how to use the extinguisher properly and what type of fire it should be used for, this could help prevent house fires from spreading.

To find out which type of fire extinguisher you need, use this guide for reference.

Regularly check electrical wires

Be sure to regularly check electrical wires to see if they have become frayed. Once they are frayed – replace them. Make sure that wires aren’t trapped under furniture or rugs, too.

Never leave cookers unattended

Cooking fires are one of the main causes of house fires. With this in mind, never leave your cooker unattended, and make sure to double check that it’s been turned off after use.

Don’t overload extension leads

Overloading extension leads is a huge fire risk. To avoid the problem entirely, don’t use them at all.

Be wary of hot weather

Hot weather brings its own unique fire risks: cigarette butts on dry grass, extension leads will get hotter quicker and scorching sunlight on decking can even start a fire. So, being vigilant of what’s going on in your garden could really pay off.

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