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Why Should Fire Alarms Be Monitored?

Fire alarms form a vital part of any commercial property’s fire defence plan. During the working day your fire alarm alerts everyone in the building of an emergency situation. Personnel are able to react immediately and evacuate the building, and emergency services can respond quickly. But what happens when the building has closed for the day?

A fire that is left undetected, one that occurs overnight for instance, can cause substantial structural damage, but one way to mitigate this damage is by using a monitored fire alarm.

What is a monitored fire alarm?

A fire alarm monitoring system automatically alerts the authorities when the fire alarm in your building sounds. It uses a control panel which is linked to a monitoring centre, and is able to send out an alarm signal that can be picked up immediately. This proves indispensable if a fire breaks out while the premises is unoccupied. The monitoring centre can swiftly alert the fire department, leading to rapid response times which wouldn’t be available with an unmonitored alarm.

why should fire alarms be monitored?

Peace of mind

One of the main benefits of standard fire alarm systems is the level of security and peace of mind they provide to business owners. While effective during working hours, they become less so during the evening and the weekend.

A monitored fire alarm offers a greater level of protection and peace of mind; as a business owner, you know that your property will receive 24/7 attention. Should a fire occur when you or your employees are away, the emergency services will still be able to respond without delay. This could make all the difference when it comes to protecting the property itself and everything inside.

Limits fire damage

Fire alarms aren’t only vital lifesaving equipment, they are also invaluable when it comes to limiting the spread and consequences of a fire. A monitored fire alarm extends this protection. Even though there won’t be anyone present in the building to contact the fire department, your monitoring centre will be able to act on the alarm in seconds.

Automatic transmission of your alarm is far more reliable and safe than relying on a passerby or neighbour to raise an alarm themselves. A monitored fire alarm kicks into action as soon as the fire alarm in the building activates. This means there is a much shorter gap between the start of the fire and the fire service coming in to extinguish the flames.

With a monitored fire alarm, an overnight fire is more likely to be controlled and resolved than with a bells only alarm, meaning your business can recover much sooner than if the fire was left to grow without immediate attention. There’s a vast difference between fixing minor repairs than trying to salvage an office space which was entirely gutted.

Rapid response

Fire in a commercial setting has the potential to quickly grow beyond control, so a fast response time is vital when it comes to saving lives and avoiding serious damage. A monitored fire alarm means rapid response day or night. Your commercial fire alarm system can transmit to the alarm centre in real time; from there, the emergency services can be contacted and guided to the property so the fire can be fought without delay.

With a non-monitored alarm you rely on an outside party picking up on the sound of the alarm, or calling the fire service once they see smoke or flames coming from the building. By then it could very well be too late. A monitored fire alarm provides greater control and a more reliable level of response in the case of serious fires. This may be critical in order to prevent a fire from ravaging your office, shop, warehouse or any other commercial premises while you’re away.

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