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5 Top Tips: Fire Safety for Kids

Protecting your home and family from fire should be a priority for all households – especially those with children. Kids can be taught the basics of fire safety from a young age, as long as it’s done in the right way. The aim isn’t to scare, rather to educate. 

In this fire safety guide for parents, we explore ways to teach your children about fire safety, along with enhancing the fire safety of your home. 

How to Ensure Fire Safety for Kids


Simply telling children that they shouldn’t go near the hob or play with sockets may not be enough. You need to tell them why they shouldn’t do these things and what the consequences could be. 

Obviously, we don’t want to frighten children, so aim to make it a fun experience. Perhaps you could devise a fire safety quiz with prizes, or turn it into a game. There are fire safety resources, videos and quizzes for kids online that you can use. However you choose to approach it, children can take on board these messages from an early age as long as it’s delivered in the right way. 

Fire-Proof Your Home

A key consideration is minimising the risk of a fire occurring in the first place. Fire prevention for kids’ safety, and the safety of the home in general, is therefore paramount. A critical task should be to survey your home and identify any possible fire risks that could affect children directly. For example, place fire guards around open fires, keep candles out of reach at all times, place portable heaters in places they won’t be knocked over by over-excited children, put guards over sockets, keep flammable items away from hot surfaces, put matches/lighters in out-of-reach locations away from curious hands, etc.  

If you feel like your child is old enough to engage with this, get them involved in performing the fire safety check with you. You could even turn it into a game e.g. spot the fire hazards in this room, and suggest a way to make it safer. Many children respond well to being given a sense of almost adult responsibility, and it’s a great way to get them on board. 

Escape Plan

Devising a fire escape plan for kids to use and understand can be a real life-saver. Ideally, identify one or two escape routes for each room, and also decide on a safe place for the family to assemble once outside. Draw this escape plan up with your kids, and put it somewhere prominent, like the notice board or fridge. Once the routes have been decided, these pathways must be kept clear at all times of toys and clothes, so make sure the kids are keeping everything tidy. 

Perform Home Fire Safety Drills 

Kids love make-believe. So, why not have them act out what they would do in a fire situation by holding a regular fire safety drill? An adult will make a noise to sound an alarm, and the kids will act out what they would do in that situation. During drills, kids should be keeping low to the ground as they follow the laid-out escape routes, and then meeting at the family assembly point outside. They can also act out the Stop, Drop and Roll technique in the unlikely event of their clothes ever catching fire. 

Look After Fire Safety Equipment 

Fire safety for children starts with ensuring the home they live in has all the right equipment if the worst should happen.. You may wish to invest in a fire extinguisher, if appropriate. Get in touch with a professional fire safety company who can advise on your situation. It’s also vital to have a working fire alarm system in your home. 

All equipment should be maintained and serviced to keep it in top working order. Again, you can get the kids involved with testing the fire alarm, perhaps even making a monthly chart to track it. It’s also advisable to change the alarm batteries twice a year. 

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