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How to Extinguish a Class F Fire (Cooking Oils & Gas)

It might be hard for most of us to distinguish between one fire and another but we want to explain the cause of a Class F fire because they’re entirely feasible in all buildings that have kitchens. This month, Target Fire Protection are here to explain how best to extinguish this type of fire to […]

A Guide to Class C Fires (Flammable Gases)

It’s a common misconception that the differences between fires are obsolete. In reality, it can be life saving to know the about classes of fire, ensuring you can be fully equipped for the type of fire you are most likely to experience at your particular workplace. The methods of extinguishing different fires can vary greatly, […]

The Ultimate Fire Drill Guide

A fire drill is an integral part of any commercial or industrial building’s fire safety plan. Drills are legally required to be carried out regularly, but what does a full scale fire drill include? This fire drill guide should cover all you need to know. Why are fire drills necessary? Being a legal requirement, fire […]

What is the Fire Triangle?

Knowledge is a key aspect of fire prevention. Understanding how fire works, even on a basic level, will inform your understanding of fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, suppression systems and more. The fire triangle is a fundamental fire principle; once you’re familiar with it and how it works, you’ll be better prepared to […]

All about Fire Doors: Facts and Advice

Fire doors are essential for slowing and controlling the spread of fire throughout any commercial or industrial property. As long as your fire doors are professionally fitted and implemented correctly, you can greatly reduce the amount of damage that a fire can cause. However, neglecting or failing to recognise the importance of a fire door […]

How Do Fires Spread?

Fire is a constant threat to businesses across the country. A fire can start and spread rapidly, growing from the smallest point of ignition into room-scale blazes in a matter of minutes. Last month we looked at the different classes of fire in the UK, and another vital part of fire safety is knowing how […]

10 Most Flammable Items around the Office

Protecting your property from the risk of fire is your responsibility as the building owner or employer, but in order to do that, you need to know what items present a fire hazard. As we’ve covered extensively in our previous articles, the impact of a fire on your business can be devastating, so you should […]

Fire Risks: The Dangers of Hoarding

What is hoarding? Hoarding is defined as collecting large amounts of items with an inability to throw them away. Hoarding disorder can be diagnosed as an illness in its own right, with sufferers often finding themselves very distressed or upset when faced with having to discard  items – often leading to such a build up […]

Workplace Fire Safety Checklist

If you are an employer, owner of a commercial property, or in some way in control of a non-domestic premises, it is your responsibility to ensure appropriate fire safety standards are met in the workplace. In order to ensure the premises is safe from fire hazards, you must carry out a fire risk assessment and […]

5 Most Common Causes of Fire in the Workplace

The majority of fires attended to by rescue services are caused in non-residential buildings, with many of these being recorded as workplace incidents. There are many factors that can increase the likelihood of a fire being caused, and with so many people in the workplace, it is essential that the appropriate measures are taken to […]