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Suppression Systems At Sea Part Two

Suppression Systems At Sea Part Two Following on from our last month’s article covering fire suppression systems at sea, our expert team are going to cover how to prevent and tackle fires on board a ship so you know what to do in the event of an emergency. Like all emergency situations, one must stay […]

Fire suppression systems at sea

Fire Risks: The Dangers of Hoarding

We’re all aware of basic fire suppression systems within the workplace and we also know that there are a variety of solutions to combat certain types of fires. For example, an office full of computers would be equipped with CO2 fire extinguishers to tackle electrical fires – whereas foam fire extinguishers will be found in […]

What does fire protection involve?

Fire protection is a term covering a broad spectrum of techniques, equipment and procedures. Whilst it is vital for all premises to have some form of fire protection in place according to the UK’s fire legislation for those living in, working at or simply visiting the building, there are a variety of different types of […]