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Test your smoke and fire alarms this new year

As we all know, fire safety is no joke, so to start the New Year off right it’s a great time to book in a check of all your systems. Whilst you wait for professional assistance, it’s also important to remember to manually check your fire alarm yourself. Don’t worry, if you can’t remember how […]

A Guide to Class C Fires (Flammable Gases)

It’s a common misconception that the differences between fires are obsolete. In reality, it can be life saving to know the about classes of fire, ensuring you can be fully equipped for the type of fire you are most likely to experience at your particular workplace. The methods of extinguishing different fires can vary greatly, […]

Types of Fire Extinguishers for Different Fire Classes

Every commercial or industrial setting has a specific set of challenges when it comes to fire safety. The first half of the battle lies in identifying the different fire hazards present in your premises, the second half is all about prevention and protection. In this article, we’re looking at the various types of fire extinguishers […]

How Do Fires Spread?

Fire is a constant threat to businesses across the country. A fire can start and spread rapidly, growing from the smallest point of ignition into room-scale blazes in a matter of minutes. Last month we looked at the different classes of fire in the UK, and another vital part of fire safety is knowing how […]

Different Types of Fires and How They Start

To provide the most comprehensive and reliable fire protection for your business or industrial premises, you and your employees should have an understanding of the classification system for fires in the UK. Not every instance of fire is the same, and knowing the differences between the types of fires and how they start is a […]

Target Fire Stand Sponsorship

Target Fire recently entered Rochdale Football Club’s Business Stand Sponsorship draw, held at Rochdale Town Hall on the 17th October. The draw provided the opportunity to win a stand sponsorship worth £25,000 for the 2016/17 season, providing smaller businesses with the opportunity to get involved at a more prestigious advertising level. Unfortunately, Target Fire did […]

Target Fire win the Rochdale Business Awards 2016

This month the team at Target Fire Protection took their family members and friends to the annual Rochdale Business Awards, where we were nominated in three separate categories! Established in 2011, the Rochdale Business Awards celebrate the achievements of businesses and business people in the Rochdale borough. The awards aim to recognise the success of […]

Fire Risks: The Dangers of Hoarding

What is hoarding? Hoarding is defined as collecting large amounts of items with an inability to throw them away. Hoarding disorder can be diagnosed as an illness in its own right, with sufferers often finding themselves very distressed or upset when faced with having to discard  items – often leading to such a build up […]

The Damaging Effects of Fire

At Target Fire Protection, we’re constantly emphasising the importance of fire safety procedures in every building; in the home, the workplace, and all public areas. Negligence of the proper fire safety regulations can be fatal, with over 30% of dwelling fires caused in 2014/15 due to a lack of correct smoke alarm fitting, for example. […]

5 Most Common Causes of Fire in the Workplace

The majority of fires attended to by rescue services are caused in non-residential buildings, with many of these being recorded as workplace incidents. There are many factors that can increase the likelihood of a fire being caused, and with so many people in the workplace, it is essential that the appropriate measures are taken to […]