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Completing Your Fire Extinguisher Checks

Fire extinguisher tests

This should go without saying, but fire extinguishers are absolutely essential to any fire safety plan. They are always the first line of defence when it comes to putting out or containing smaller fires which could develop into something more destructive, so we should make certain they are properly maintained. In this article, we will […]

10 Ways to Prevent House Fires

“In just two minutes, a fire can become life threatening. In five minutes, a residence can become engulfed in flames” – Ready Accidental fires in residential homes account for around 60% of all fire fatalities in the UK. A shocking statistic, certainly, but statistics can change. In order to help raise awareness of the danger […]

Fire Policies for Education Establishments

Schools, universities and all other education establishments have a grand responsibility in caring for the wellbeing of their students. This pertains not only to their mental faculties but also to their physical safety. As such, having a stringent fire policy in place is paramount to ensuring this responsibility is met. A good fire policy comprises […]

Rochdale Business Awards 2018

Target Fire Protection is pleased to announce that we were in the top three companies year for Business of the Year 2018 and would like to show you our video created for the awards. We won Business of the Year 2016 and this is the video showing a sequence of fire, evacuation, extinguishing, reset and refill.

Test your smoke and fire alarms this new year

As we all know, fire safety is no joke, so to start the New Year off right it’s a great time to book in a check of all your systems. Whilst you wait for professional assistance, it’s also important to remember to manually check your fire alarm yourself. Don’t worry, if you can’t remember how […]

What is a water mist fire extinguisher?

Types of Fire Extinguishers for Different Fire Classes

A water mist fire extinguisher is multi-purpose fire appliance that can be used safely on a variety of fires, including class A, B, C, E and F. Water mist fire extinguishers have been approved by LPCB, the Loss Prevention Certification Board and BSI, the British Standards Institution – third party certifications from independent laboratories who […]

Suppression Systems At Sea Part Two

Suppression Systems At Sea Part Two Following on from our last month’s article covering fire suppression systems at sea, our expert team are going to cover how to prevent and tackle fires on board a ship so you know what to do in the event of an emergency. Like all emergency situations, one must stay […]

We are finalists – Rochdale Business Awards 2018

Support us for business of the year – turnover between £1m & £5m The winner will be announced November 9th. Wish us luck.

Fire suppression systems at sea

Fire Risks: The Dangers of Hoarding

We’re all aware of basic fire suppression systems within the workplace and we also know that there are a variety of solutions to combat certain types of fires. For example, an office full of computers would be equipped with CO2 fire extinguishers to tackle electrical fires – whereas foam fire extinguishers will be found in […]

How to Extinguish a Class F Fire (Cooking Oils & Gas)

It might be hard for most of us to distinguish between one fire and another but we want to explain the cause of a Class F fire because they’re entirely feasible in all buildings that have kitchens. This month, Target Fire Protection are here to explain how best to extinguish this type of fire to […]