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Fire Suppression Systems

Being able to quickly and effectively deal with a fire at its source will not only minimise damage to valuable assets, but will also allow for quicker recovery. That’s why the expert team at Target Fire Protection supply, install and maintain the fire suppression system, PAFSS, throughout Rochdale, Bury, Oldham and Manchester, and even nationwide.

The PAFSS fire suppression system can be installed in a range of environments to cover a host of different applications. It’s a self-contained system so requires no electrical source and is quick and easy to install. The system itself combines innovative technology with extremely durable detection and discharge tubing, superbly engineered specialist valves and regulators and a pressure vessel containing the appropriate fire extinguishing agent.

Once the system detects flames or heat, the discharge tubing ruptures and the vessel depressurises to activate the system and extinguish the fire at its root. This means the automatic fire suppression system is ideal for enclosed units, fume cabinet protection and microenvironments. It also offers great flexibility so it can be customised to suit specific customer and installation requirements.

For any more information, simply contact the team at Target Fire Protection today and we’ll be able to discuss the benefits of a fire suppression system and arrange a survey of your premises today.